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Сообщение06.09.2017, 22:24 
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Хотелось бы обратить внимание на вот эту ссылку: loopedia.org.
Она подробно описана в статье в arXiv. Вот начало статьи:

Researchers in high-energy physics enjoy nearly unsurpassed (in both quality and freedom of access) bibliographic access and resources through well-maintained databases such as spires and arXiv. For the practitioner in loop calculations one recurring problem is, however, that the existing databases are indexed solely by ‘traditional’ metrics: author, title, year of publication, etc. It is not even possible to formulate queries of the kind “Find publications which refer to loop integral X,” where X is specified in some graph-theoretical way, say by its topology.

Loopedia attempts to fill this gap, though it is not limited to bibliographic information. The description field of each record can hold any kind of textual information (e.g. URLs to software), and in addition arbitrary files can be uploaded, for example Fortran programs or Maple worksheets.

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