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 Re: PhD, PostDoc, Аспирантура, Конференции
Сообщение19.01.2017, 23:41 

Быть может кто-нибудь подскажет, очень важную для меня вещь, где можно искать позиции PhD по физике высоких энергий и физики вне рамок стандартной модели (суперсимметрия, струны, ...)? Пока что нашёл лишь на inspirehep.net Но там очень мало таковых позиций.
Так же как думаете, стоит писать конкретным людям чьи статьи приглянулись, или это бессмысленное занятие?

 Re: PhD, PostDoc, Аспирантура, Конференции
Сообщение19.01.2017, 23:50 
Аватара пользователя

illuminates в сообщении #1185990 писал(а):
Так же как думаете, стоит писать конкретным людям чьи статьи приглянулись, или это бессмысленное занятие?
Почему же? Вполне осмысленное. Правда, такие вещи лучше обсуждать лично на какой-нибудь конференции (а еще лучше - на банкете вечером), это эффективнее.

 Re: PhD, PostDoc, Аспирантура, Конференции
Сообщение06.07.2017, 18:44 
Аватара пользователя


Post specification:
Full-time Postdoctoral Fellow

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Hong Kong, China

Job description:
The appointee will work together with Dr. Jesper Jansson in the research
project "Efficient Algorithms and Data Structures".
Potential research topics include graph algorithms, succinct data structures,
bioinformatics, parameterized complexity, and fast matrix multiplication.

Monthly salary:
25,000 HKD (before tax)

Application deadline:
August 5, 2017

Starting date:
October 1, 2017

If you would like to apply for the post, please read the official job
announcement at:
and follow the instructions at the top of this page:
https://www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/job/en/ext ... search.php

 Re: PhD, PostDoc, Аспирантура, Конференции
Сообщение05.08.2017, 17:48 
Аватара пользователя

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Postdoctoral Researcher
The Computational Sciences Group is currently searching for a bright and enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher with expertise in numerical simulations. The researcher for this opening will work at KAUST's Visual Computing Center to investigate and develop principled computational methods targeting simulation tasks in the fields of Visual Computing and Computer Graphics. Previous experience in these fields is a plus. The scope of the advertised position includes

publishing high impact work in order to build a substantial resume and strong international collaborations,
engaging with hand-picked KAUST researchers from all around the world,
mentoring and collaborating with KAUST graduate students as well as visiting students and researchers,
excellent total compensation, including accommodation, family health benefits, and a substantial salary,
living in a vibrant, multi-cultural campus town at the shores of the Red Sea.
Potential applicants should have

a doctoral degree with excellent academic credentials,
relevant research skills and experience in related fields demonstrated by high quality publications,
solid English communication skills (oral and written).

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled. To apply, please send your CV including a list of publications to Professor Michels (dominik.michels@kaust.edu.sa).

 Re: PhD, PostDoc, Аспирантура, Конференции
Сообщение09.08.2017, 17:13 
Аватара пользователя

University of Pisa (Italy): two research positions

Two 1-year research positions are available at the Department of
Computer Science of the University of Pisa.

The positions are funded on the Project MIUR-SIR (2014) CMACBioSeq. The aim of this project is to develop research in the area of Data
Compression and Sequence Analysis by using methods from Combinatorics on
Words and by developing algorithms and data structures for the treatment of strings (indexing, querying, analyzing, ...), mainly datasets from Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies or third generation sequencing technologies.
Candidates with expertise in string/parallel algorithms and NGS
bioinformatics are encouraged to apply.

Research areas include:
- string algorithmics,
- text indexing for big data,
- indexes for approximate pattern matching
- text compression and compressed text indexing,
- external memory indexes,
- space efficient data structures,
- shared memory parallel computing,
- and so on.

* Application deadline: August 2017, 25th
* Duration: 12 months
* Expected: Master's Degree (or PhD).

For detailed job descriptions and how to apply, visit:

https://www.unipi.it/ateneo/bandi/asseg ... pdfcvt.pdf

https://www.unipi.it/ateneo/bandi/asseg ... /index.htm

For more details on the position and information on how to apply please
contact Giovanna Rosone at giovanna.rosone@unipi.it

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